Addition to our jewellery collection, a.b. Ellie

Posted on 14 Sep, 2018
Addition to our jewellery collection, a.b. Ellie

Above you can see the ‘Ashland’ crown (images via a.b. Ellie).


If you’re following us on the Amaline Vitale Instagram, I’m sure you would have seen the newest addition to our jewellery collection, a.b. Ellie.  Follow us on  @amalinevitale  ;)  

Sam and I first met a.b. Ellie in 2017 when we attended New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW). We fell in love with the unique and unconventional style and admired how all the exquisite pieces are handmade. 

‘Magnolia’ clip with ‘Luna’ gown and ‘Magnolia’ belt with ‘Maelys’ gown‘Magnolia’ clip with ‘Luna’ gown and ‘Magnolia’ belt with ‘Maelys’ gown


a.b. Ellie are a mother-daughter trio “catering to the modern bride” so we think it complements our brides with the AV timeless and modern style perfectly!

Bridal Accessories Tula Halo and Pin

‘Tula’ halo and hair pin (left and top right images via a.b. Ellie)


Brilliant golds and ivories feature throughout the a.b. Ellie collection, as well as quartz, hand-beading and luxe fabrics and velvet trims. It combines feminine flowers and soft fabrics with bold design. 

amelia-liv-bridal-combs‘Amelia’ comb and ‘Liv’ comb (images via a.b. Ellie)


At AV we currently are stocking combs, crowns, clips and earrings!


bridal earrings felicia gown coryn

‘Coryn’ earrings (sold out) with ‘Felicia’ gown


Visit our Bridal Boutique in Armadale to browse the a.b. Ellie bridal jewellery as well as the Amaline Vitale bridal accessories!

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