Bridal Jewellery

Posted on 24 Mar, 2019
Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery is a lovely way to decorate any outfit and your wedding day should be no different. Purchasing jewellery for the big day can be a wonderful way to spoil not only your self but also sharing it with your bridesmaids, mother or mother in law.  Plus it is something you can wear again which will always hold sentimental value for the occasion.

Weather you love pearls, subtle sparkles or want a statement piece for the day we have something for everyone. When making we have a few key tips to help you on your way: 

1.    Consider the neckline of your dress, this can be key when you are tossing up weather to wear a necklace or just earrings alone
2.    Think about the amount of detailing that has gone into your dress (lace, beading, pearls) you want your jewelry choices to compliment and not overpower your dress details. 
3.    Think about the hairstyle that you are considering for the day, you want earrings to frame your face and that will embellish your look; we want to see your beautiful jewels of course!

Here at Amaline Vitale we are all about the finer details of your wedding. We have curated a selection of delicate and unique pieces including earrings, bracelets and hairpieces to compliment your look for the big day. All pieces have been carefully selected and are exclusive to Amaline Vitale. 

Featured below is a small selection of the collection, to see the full range head to


Bridal Earrings

Nadeen Earring $169



Bridal Hairpiece

Elvira Hairpiece $89



AV Bridal Earring

Coco Earring $139



Bridal Bracelet

Charlotte Bracelet $239



Demi Bridal Earrings

Demi Earring $139