The December Issue

Posted on 14 Dec, 2017
The December Issue

The December Issue

We are all very excited about Christmas and the holiday season just a few weeks away, so you’d think we would have started winding down for the end of the year… Well not us here at AV!

We have introduced about 20 new wedding gowns into our collection over the recent weeks and last week we had a photoshoot featuring every one of the wedding dresses so that we can bring them to you as our little Christmas present to our Brides-to-be.

The collection features some classics and AV exclusives, as well as a few gowns with a new AV creative direction.

There are ball gowns, A-line gowns, fit and flare gowns, strapless gowns, exquisitely beaded gowns, lace gowns, appliqued gowns and AV’s loves, plenty of plunging necklines and Italian Brocade.

All of us at AV are really excited about this new wedding dress collection where we continue to provide women and Brides-to-be with an innate sense style, which epitomizes femininity.

As well as this, we’ve have a few new accessories in the boutique. We have some stunning clutches for your bridal purse, Mode & Affaire fur coats, capes and boleros and exclusive to AV, White Wishes Bridal Jewellery.

On our recent trip to New York, we came across incredible bridal jewellery designer A. B. Ellie, whose pieces will be in store in the new year. She features pearls, gold, fabric and beading throughout her unique range of crowns, clips, combs and earrings.

We are also incredibly excited about our new Amaline Vitale reversible cape! It featured in the photoshoot this week and it is beautifully bridal.

As if we didn’t already have enough going on, we got carried away with Christmas and produced a Christmas Bridal Gown! Come past our High Street, Armadale bridal boutique to see our rich red Christmas Victoire in the window!

Lastly, we topped this huge month off with a delicious dinner for the whole team, across the boutique and the workroom and their partners at Amaline Vitale. We went to Dalmatino in Port Melbourne and shared in a 3-course meal with cocktails and wine! It was so lovely to spend time together away from work and appreciate everyone’s efforts throughout the year.

It has been a great year at AV from photoshoots to New York Bridal Fashion Week to international fabric sourcing trips, all the while having appointments and fittings and having all our 2017 brides walk down the aisle as the ultimate version of themselves in our couture wedding dresses.

We’ve worked really hard and it feels very rewarding, but we are all looking forward to a short break.

We look forward to seeing you in 2018 and seeing what the year brings us at AV!

With Love, 


Posted on 01 Dec, 2014
The December Issue

One thing we never tire of is travel. It’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it. Our most recent trip was a 2 month stint in Europe (for research of course).

A most inspiring trip this year. There was something different this time, though. Maybe its because we’re older, but let’s not go with that. Surprisingly, the windows almost looked as though we had stepped back in time, gone back to another era. Our favourite era. An era when men were gentlemen and women were ladies.


1940’s, 50’s and 60’s vintage glamour with a modern, sharp twist.

Classic style, vintage gowns with an edge.

This is what we observed and this is what Australia is catching onto.

We don’t think we are quite the 3-4 years behind in European fashion anymore. Whist it isn’t for the masses at the moment, there are definitely women wanting this new (but old) style in wedding gowns, which we are very excited about.


Expect to see brocades and jacquards, pockets, cropped top and skirt wedding dress combonations, softer, more muted ivory on ivory beading.


We are looking forward to 2015. Inspired by our trip to Europe and truly absorbing the culture, food, colours, style and fashion that we saw along the way.

We are working hard on our new collection and are expecting a huge year ahead.

Stay tuned, brides to be…….