The October Issue 2018

Posted on 22 Oct, 2018
The October Issue 2018


European Hearts Run Free…
                            ...They’ll never be hung up!

I do love a good disco track.  What I do love more is being able to spend a bit of time in Europe.  It’s summer there now.  I’ve been fortunate enough to just get back from two bridal expos in Italy (and eating way too much pistachio gelato).  This blog is a little personal…so bear with me….it does go somewhere.

I’m Australian but my heritage is mixed.  Part of that heritage is Italian.  My recent trip to Rome also fortunately coincided with my brother’s permanent move to Rome.  So, not only did I get to visit some of the most stunning wedding dress boutiques and meet some incredibly talented custom bridal wear designers, but I got to see wedding dresses ranging from the lesser known, boutique Italian designers to the ones we all know so well from around the globe.  I loved this mix of new and old that you get in ancient cities like Roma!  I also got to spend some super quality time with my bro, which I loved!

I promised you there was a point. And here it is:

We all come back to our roots in some way.  I’m not just talking heritage here but things like style can be part of our core.  When brides choose a dress, they choose it because it tickles something in their core.  It could be something they’ve thought about for a long time.  Some style-reason that has a sentimental impact or such an intense visual impact that it evokes an emotion.  Like, my grandmother.  She loved paisley.  So, I’ll always love paisley!  You know what I mean?

My experience in Italy has had something of a similar impact.  I’ll always be an Aussie, but as soon as I put my feet on European soil, I feel at home.  But the true brilliance of the experience is that it also makes me want to live a little lighter and do things I can’t always do.  Should we call it ‘risk?’ ‘Adventure?’ ‘Bravery?’  Or just embracing the unknown and fun?!  Whatever you want to label it – embracing our core is always comforting and kind of essential, really.  For me, in terms of custom and ready to wear bridal, this translates to tradition.  But there’s also something about the Euro culture that reminds me to take risks – to embrace something new.  Sometimes it’s what our soul needs.  Especially when we embark on new beginnings!  In terms of fashion, I think this translates to the brides who are drawn to a range of styles: the new, avant-garde, classic, minimal.

I believe Amaline Vitale Bridal has found a way to bring the two together.  I always hope it’s an experience we can offer our brides.  New, bold cuts with traditional lace like our ‘Carolina’ gown, or classically simple crêpe fabric with a modern halter neckline like our ‘Luna’.  

At the moment, Valentino has this window.  It’s not his usual over-the-top style.  It’s actually just hundreds of white sneakers lining the walls of the window.  White is always classic.  Over-sized sneakers… well, not so classic.  But together they spun something new into something that still looks timeless. 

So, I’ll finish with this:

To our beautiful brides – I hope Amaline Vitale will always be able to help you find the balance when choosing something that truly represents you. Who knows, you may discover something untapped about your core style along the way!  How exciting!

With love, AV x
Bacioni (kisses)